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Disconnect to connect

Few weeks ago we got to spend just over two weeks with our families back home. Staying in my parents’ little lakeVIEW

My new baby: photography for small businesses

Some of you might know that I am about to start offering a new service: Photography for small businesses .  As aVIEW

Free from recipes

Simple life. A new series on this blog. It has little to do with photography  (but I will include a photo in eachVIEW

family albums

They say “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes” I try hard to avoid this. Every year I make familyVIEW

65 years together

They knew each other since childhood. Then 65 years ago my grandparents promised each other to stay together for betterVIEW

Merry Christmas

May your Christmas holidays be beautiful and calm, your New Year’s dreams and plans big and brave, and yourVIEW

To Mums

My dad phoned me and had a weird voice. I don’t like when he speaks like that! Then he said: mum was diagnosedVIEW

My baby

He is 8 months old, has two teeth, crawls, stands by the sofa or my leg and welcomes me every morning (around 5.30 am)VIEW

My girl

I took my little girl ( or not so little anymore) for a walk last night, as the light was lovely. I am not a big fun ofVIEW